industries we focus on 

  • Gig / Shared Economy
  • Non Governmental Organizations
  • Machinery Manufacturers 
  • Telecoms
  • Banks/ Neobanks
  • Food delivery services
  • Home renting / vacation rental services
  • IoT Smart Device Manufacturers
  • Micro entrepreneurs (service industries, shop owners, farmers, etc.)
  • Transactions (money flow, digital wallets, payment platforms, etc.)
  • Pet products/ services
  • Mobility (ride-sharing, good moving, logistics, etc.)

unlock the potential of your products and services with "insurance as a service" models

We partner with insurance intermediaries and end customers, to co-develop and implement appropriate embedded micro insurance solutions with the support of trusted carriers 

Simple on boarding
and claims management

Our Embedded insurance solutions are "end customer" industry and "delivery channel" agnostic. We sit together to discuss and develop tailormade solutions from scratches, based on your customers' actual needs and your unique interests. We use digital technology across the product's value chain in a frictionless way

What is Embedded

Embedded insurance are readily available (in just a few clicks) digital insurance solutions, bundled with bigger products or services as features, or offered optionally in the purchase journey of another product or service at the point of sale (PoS) within digital ecosystems

How you benefit
  • increase uptake of your product
  • enhance customer loyalty/ satisfaction
  • reward your good clients
  • stand out of competition
  • generate new revenue streams

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