"We strive to enable all individuals and small businesses to have equal access to insurance and other services through technology and product innovation" 

What is MIcro Insurance 

Microinsurance is a type of insurance that offers highly specified policies to cover specific needs at an affordable rate, to make essential protection and insurance options more available to low-income people , untapped communities, or markets with low insurance penetration. 

Our microinsurance proposition is designed to address vulnerabilities

We offer a substitute to the need of forming and keeping emergency savings. 

"By reducing the financial burden of shocks, Naftilus aims to enable policy holders protect their income and standards of living in times of crisis" 

We aim to reinvent insurance perception, by moving from a single product "transaction-based" experience, buying and possessing a full cover single line insurance policy to a digital "access-based" multiline subscription insurance model, allowing individual and small business  to gain immediate access to a personalized compensation wallet to protect their income from everyday life adverse instances 

Insurance as simple as it gets

We design micro insurance products with great social impact.
Products with minimum onboarding barriers, easy to understand, with minimum exclusions, favoring easy-to-check insured events from the field of Health, Property, Mobility.Delivered and operated by frictionless digital customer journey, integrating simplified and instant claims processing


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