We create Insurance solutions with empathy

Naftilus is the first digital native startup intermediary company in Greece created with the purpose to design, distribute, and operate digitally driven, lifestyle-focused, life and non-life Microinsurance products and support, operate and handle traditional insurance risk management solutions for individuals and corporate risks either directly, or with partnering intermediaries, focusing on developing technology integrations across the whole insurance value chain.

Our Business focus and solutions

MIcro Insurance solutions

Naftilus designs, operates and distributes  with trusted partners D2C, and B2B2C Micro Insurance hybrid solutions, designed to protect income of those who need it most: Low/middle income Families and small entrepreneurs, with the purpose to promote a safety culture and help close the protection gap between poor and wealthy population

TRaditional Commercial Lines 

Based on  Founders' extensive experience in the field of commercial risks insurance, we offer professional advice regarding loss prevention, risk management, placement, and claims handling services across the whole range of commercial insurance lines (e.g. Property & Business Interruption, Liabilities, Credit,  Marine (Shipowners' Liability, Cargo, Hull& Machinery, etc), having access to Greek and Global Insurance Markets following widely accepted best practices in insurance brokerage of corporate risks. We also work with insurance intermediaries either on a case-by-case basis or by forming broader cooperation agreements to provide our professional services and advise helping them to expand their operations with confidence while safeguarding their client's interests

Embedded "INsurance As a service" Solutions

We work with our clients and partners (including insurance intermediaries), to build together tailor made  embedded "Insurance As a Service" digital solutions at the  Points of Sale (PoS),  with the purpose to help them grow, increase customer satisfaction and introduce new revenue streams for them 

We have a dream!

To provide the community with innovative means to address their vulnerabilities , overcome unexpected economic shocks and provide safety
net solutions with strong social impact and a solid sustainable footprint.

Our vision is to democratize insurance by offering solutions that can be obtained by everybody irrespective of social status, bring peace of mind and help people lead dignified and independent lives overcoming personal financial turbulences

Micro insurance is not
only for inclusive population 

Microinsurance is universal and exists wherever small, affordable policies are needed. Microinsurance knows no national, social or continental boundaries and can be useful in developed as well as emerging economies. It creates a safety net solution for the underwaged  population and a brilliant supplementary financial protection mechanism for the well paid.


 "SIMPLE, FAIR AND TRANSPARENT" targeting everyday instances

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